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Preparing your puppy to become a therapy dog

Corridor Therapy Dogs does not train or evaluate dogs. This must be completed by the owner of the dog through a national organization prior to joining CTD.

Getting involved in the field of pet therapy is a very rewarding volunteer job for the handler and the dog. Does your dog seek out people and love everyone? Is your dog relaxed and obedient in all types of situations? Does nothing seem to frighten or upset your dog? Is your dog comfortable around other dogs? If you think your dog could be a candidate for a job that requires him to be calm and patient with children and adults then you definitely should pursue the field of pet therapy in Cedar Rapids, IA.

1. Both you and your dog will need to complete some training to become a therapy dog team. Basic obedience is required for your dog.

Some recommended local Training Facilities are:

Petsmart in Cedar Rapids, IA

Pawsitive Paws Academy


If you are unable to attend regular formal classes or if you need to fine-tune specific areas, a private dog trainer can help with training. We highly recommend:

Lorette Vanourny, CPDT-KA – 319-573-7470
Canine Tutor – Private certified professional dog trainer

 Private certified professional dog trainer 

(from basic obedience through preparation for a therapy dog evaluation)

2. Taking an AKC Canine Good Citizen class or test is a good idea but is not a requirement in order to be evaluated to become a registered/certified therapy dog team. The national organization you choose to join will evaluate you and your dog as a team. Tests may vary slightly between organizations. However, the Canine Good Citizen test is a good example of what to expect from any organization’s evaluation/test.

3. Selecting the organization to evaluate with is a personal choice. We do not suggest that one is preferable to another. It often becomes a matter of convenience due to dates available in this area. In Cedar Rapids, IA, there are a couple to consider:

Pet Partners This organization requires a class. Or an online course may be taken prior to an evaluation. Evaluators are available in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.

Therapy Dogs International This organization requires only a test, no class is offered.

Another organization to consider registering with is Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Please contact us to learn how to get evaluated for this organization in Cedar Rapids.

* Please visit the websites to learn more….

4. Following completion of requirements by either organization, your dog will need a health exam. After vaccinations are updated and you receive your badge, you will be ready to contact our organization to be added to our Member’s Address Book and begin making individual visits and group visits to facilities or schools as a CTD team. (There are no membership fees for Corridor Therapy Dogs members).

If you would like to discuss options, ask further questions, or need e-mail addresses of local evaluators, please complete the Contact Us form on this website.

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