The Mission of Corridor Therapy Dogs is to enrich the lives of others by providing compassion and comfort for those who may benefit from our registered therapy animals and their qualified handlers. Click on “Serving” tab above for the current locations we visit. Click on “Contact” tab and let us know of other facilities where you think providing our services would be beneficial.

Corridor Therapy Dogs Staff

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Our Dogs

Therapy Dogs in Eastern IACannoli - Laura

Corridor Therapy DogsDanny - Tony

Corridor therapy dogsSophie - Roy & Deb

Gracie - Terri

Sadie - Mary
Sadie can now enjoy her retirement! Volunteered via Kirkwood Community College since 2008 & Pet Partners 2011-16.

wilsonWilson - Sue

dexterDexter - Loretta

Therapy Dogs in Eastern IAKenzie - Janet

Wiley - Joan
Heaven needed another Angel
R.I.P Wiley 2/5/16

fayethFaye - Nann
Retired Pet Partners team
Dedicated to volunteering
10/07 - 06/15

maxthMax - Kathy and Jerry
Destined to help others
R.I.P. 6/18/16

jumoJuma - Kate

tynderTynder - Darci

Corridor Therapy DogsFriday - BJ

Corridor Therapy DogsEllary - Stacie

Corridor therapy dogsOliver - Dawn

jessethJesse - Janet
Retired 6/01/16
Jesse just wants to have fun!

sadiethStella - Janet

diggerDigger - Steve
For 3 years Digger brought joy to many in the community. 
He retired 10/2016 at age 10 & 1/2 years old. 

Corridor Therapy DogsGunner - Cait

Houdini - Kim

Corridor Therapy Dogs

P.O. Box 10643
Cedar Rapids, IA


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